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Community Requests

Dallas is requesting
Spiritual Conscious Graphic Design
Seeking spiritual, conscious, awake spiritual graphic designer / illustrator. I have 2-3 tshirts I'd like designed (and possibly more work, paid or in exchange for spiritual growth/healing mater...

Simbi is requesting
Suggest an improvement for Simbi
Simbi is always looking for talented people to contribute to the development of our platform! If you've ever used Simbi and thought to yourself "I see something wrong, and I have an idea to fix it...

Possibility is prosperity
Live Well Tasmania is requesting
Art for All Abilities
We are creating a community farm with a walking track into an adjoing forest area and are wanting to make our space accessible for all abilities. eg. wide tracks and paths to allor for wheelchair a...

Our mission is improving the health and wellbeing of our community.
Live Well Tasmania is requesting
Outdoor art scupture ideas
We are looking for ideas/advice to create EASY but aesthetically pleasing outdoor art installations in a natural forest environment using recycled materials that can be created by inexperienced cre...

Our mission is improving the health and wellbeing of our community.
Lindsey is requesting
Concept Rendering/Landscape design
Hi there, I am hoping for a quick turn around (1-3 days) for 1-3 images that depict the final vision of a glamping site. We are in the process of developing this site but want to presell nights ...

Foreign Tourists Image Bank is requesting
We need someone to resize photos
Our website attempts to add new photo content as frequently as possible but but could use some help with more man/woman power to make the process quicker. We will send you a list of photo files tha...

There are a lot of people, small businesses, community groups, schools and the like that have limited resources and can't afford to hire photographers or even pay a lot for stock photos. This helps...
Amie is requesting
I would love to be able to take a week-long vacation in the summer without losing my garden to the heat - so I'm looking for someone to water and maintain my 10' x 20' community garden plot while I...

I'd love to see simbi-on-blockchain as an example of crypto for the greater good
Indigo is requesting
Business /marketing consultant
I am looking for a business &/or marketing consultant. I have a idea of how I want to present my business But I need some help formulating into a palatable Clear form /format. Looking for a busin...

I luv community and I luv bartering!
Erin is requesting
Noise-Cancelling Podcast Headphones
Hello! I am looking for advice/support and someone to help me do research on the best noise-cancelling headphones that are also good for recording podcasts.

I grow a huge portion of my own food and do a lot of my own food preparation - love to share!
Clarence is requesting
Watch My (Vimeo) Video
Watch my (Vimeo) Video of up to 50 minutes. This can be exchanged for you watching one of mine. The reason for this is that time has a cost, even if it is only to pay for the electricity to keep t...

Simbi allows the trading of goods or services without a false economic barrier standing in the way.
Mariquita is requesting
Need outreach help on Facebook
Every Wed in my ladies Facebook Group I send out about 200 messages reminding them of the 1pm Livestream. This takes about 45 minutes and I would love to find someone to do it for me. You would ne...

I love the way Simbi brings people together. We all need each other in life!
Marcus is requesting
Choose Top 3 from Music Album
I'm am looking for someone to provide feedback on an electronic instrumental/dance album. The album has 34 songs. Average length of each is around 4 or 5 min. I need for you to listen to them all...

Bonny is requesting
Seeking Freelance Writers
Are you looking to build your freelance writing portfolio? Do you need credited work (attributed to you) on a website that isn't your own? Are you seeking mentorship and support from an established...

On Simbi, anyone can earn and spend like billionaires.
Aiesha is requesting
Business Coaching
I'm developing training programs and would like to have a short session with a business coach or consultant, preferably one who has experience with social enterprises. A session could be 45 minutes...

Money isn't valuable for its own sake - we only seek it because it enables us to buy goods and services. I like the concept of Simbi because it promotes true value through mutual exchange witho...
Danessa is requesting
Best CBD Oils for Dogs
Which is the best CBD for dogs joint pain relief? Which one is the best choice to support joints, heal inflammation, and promote healing of damaged cartilage? It's difficult to cite one treatment t...

Dan is requesting
promote my new book
Hi, I'd like to get some help, and better success, in marketing my new book. HARBORING HAPPINESS: 101 WAYS TO BE HAPPY What can we ...

I love life, community, helping people, mutuality, peace, sustainability, social justice, daydreaming, coolness, happiness, teaching, writing, spreading awareness, inspiring goodness, veg eating, a...
Robert is requesting
Writing wikipedia article about me
Hi there, In life, I am often misunderstood. This is a combination of my handicap (autism), high intelligence, character, and my zodiac (Gemini). However, I want to be understood! I genuinely be...

I like to use Simbi as we can leverage on each other their strengths to move forward together.
Anne is requesting
I am interested in getting a one list creation one template for a FB group. I need a welcome message and 2 automation emails. I started template however I can't figure out everything.

I have enjoyed using SIMBI services and offering my own since 2017. I appreciate SIMBI!